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optonline mail Optimum FAQs help you find the information you need, about programming, equipment and other Optimum features. Simply add the accounts—such as iCloud, Exchange, Google, school, work, or other—you want to use in Mail. com Login to the NJCU Email System Microsoft Exchange® Email is a server-based email system that uses the Microsoft Outlook® desktop application as the primary user client. In the Add New E-mail Account dialog box, select either Microsoft Exchange, POP or IMAP, or HTTP, and then click Next. Feb 03, 2020 · Your email provider will reject email sent to you, since you have no more of their disk space available to store it. Your Optimum ID is the gateway to all things Optimum, whether its managing your DVR on the go, sending email or retrieving voicemail messages. net thank you @NJ_RecruitWatch , this is Chris Lawlor; I spoke with Jaan Janes and he mentioned ur looking for writers. Forwarding your Optonline, or Optimum Online, email to your Gmail account saves you the  Learn how to configure your iPhone for your Optonline. When you block an unwanted email in your Optonline account, it is automatically deleted or sent to your spam folder. I can receive emails but I can't send! I've tried reconnecting and messing around with the settings, even made an app password. POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) is a protocol used for downloading email messages from an email server to your computer. To change these preferences in the Mail app on your Mac, choose Mail > Preferences, click Accounts, click Server Settings, click the outgoing Account pop-up menu, then choose Edit SMTP Server List. ¡Inicie sesión ahora! Jun 01, 2020 · Outlook uses something called a profile to store information about the email accounts you set up and the configuration settings you chose to determine where your email messages are delivered and stored (such as on the mail server or your computer). I didn't think "Exchange" was right since it said "Exchange, Office 365" - I didn't know what "exchange" was and it was definitely not Office 365. 17 Mar 2018 Optonline email provider provides you the medium to communicate one people to other people by sending or receiving emails or messages. OPTONLINE Email has been a very essential communication tool during this age of technology, and with the growing variety of companies doing transactions online, an Email is so an excellent tool in Synchronize your mail. It also makes it clear you are trying trying to migrate your old accounts and settings to a new device. qc  Please use the following information to setup your E-mail Client's software ( Outlook, MacMail, or Thunderbird). Optimum was never a great cable company since Altice took over it is horrible and they have not updated the app to work with the newest fire but even when I downloaded the Altice app it does not work and tells you to download the optimum app. Optonline Webmail Ool, free optonline webmail ool software downloads Apr 24, 2018 · Our emails are getting bounced back. This has been several months now if we send an email to any Optonline email account it gets rejected automatically as: 554 5. Apr 17, 2020 · Enter your email address and leave the box "Treat as an alias" checked so when you reply to email it will come from your new Gmail account. Don't have all three Optimum services? Learn more and become a member today >> Aug 27, 2012 · To set up Gmail’s mail fetching feature, click the Add a POP3 mail account you own link on the Accounts and Import tab. Having trouble sending outgoing email with Cablevision Optonline, Verizon, Comcast or other ISP see list list of ISP  Optonline recommends accessing your email through via web access on your MILESTONE X2 browser: Go to optimum. FOr the last week or so, no emails come in through Outlook or If you're physically connected to the OOL network your should be able to use mail. My website looks so much better, and I have booked more clients, as well! We can only retrieve deleted email from Webmail for up to 14 days. Is there Optimum is the consumer brand for Cablevision and offers cable television, internet and home phone service under the Optimum Online, Optimum TV and Optimum Voice brands. Optimum Business's menu of phone services is as far-reaching as you’d hope for them to be, and the features and benefits are just as great, too. Declaración de la red de fibrá más veloz basada en la comparación de Internet de 1 Gig de Optimum y fibra con velocidades de hasta 940 Mbps de descarga/940 Mbps de carga y Fios Gigabit Connection con velocidades de 940 Mbps de descarga/880 Mbps de carga. Nov 08, 2016 · If you host your email with us, this tutorial will walk you through the settings required for setting up your email account on your iPhone or iPad. 07-08-2007, 08:20 PM #11 Sep 12, 2014 · Close out of the “email setting” box and close out of the “change email account” box. HERE YOU I use optimum online webmail and when i try to access it through firefox the webpage pops up but the new webpage is a duplicate of the home page www. Need help with Optimum TV? Learn to program your remote control, set up parental controls, troubleshoot missing channels, reboot your cable box and more. Get answers to everything Optimum! Pay your bill, find free WiFi, check your email, set up your voicemail, program your DVR and more! Optimum Email Manage your email from virtually anywhere. Switch your email address from your current internet provider Jan 25, 2017 · Hacked Email - If your email account was compromised, rules may have been set up without your knowledge 3rd Party Browsers - If you are using a 3rd party mailbox like Outlook, disable it to make sure that mail box is not causing the issues Apr 23, 2012 · One great functionality of an android phone is that you can keep up with multiple e-mail accounts for both business and personal use. net; Remove check from both Use Secure connection and Verify Certificate (you may need to adjust after set-up if not able to send an email) Port - 587; Verify username; Enter or just confirm your email account Password if already Mail. Call Optimum E-mail Customer ServiceTechnical Support Phone Number To Solve Your Web Mail Related Problems. Business Email Simple & Easy to use Branded Email Ideal for beginners & small businesses 5 GB Storage | $0. I already had the copy, photos and new design ideas, and then they worked with me to help make my vision a reality! Even though we are out of state, they were very easy to work with via phone, email and video. Mailing Address that you use on the I-765 – more specifically, the state If you mail your OPT application to USCIS via UPS, DHL, or FedEx, you must  Cablevision uses 9 email formats: 1. 's "Optimum Online" cable-modem customers with 4 Sep 2009 Do you know how powerful just one dissatisfied customer can be? David, a telephone, internet, and cable TV customer of Cablevision, didn't  There is a facility to use your email through optimum online or classic mail. Pay your bill, connect to WiFi, check your email and voicemail, see what's on TV  Sign In with your Optimum ID to manage your account, check your email, set your DVR, and pay your cable bill online. Dec 24, 2005 · optonline e-mail account HELPEverytime I read my e-mails, and go to a link from that e-mail, I lose my e-mail page and must log back on each timealso I cannot minimize a page and keep more than one thing on my task bar Enter SMTP server name box, type the server name that applies to your account: mail. Does anyone know how to set this up with optonline? Sep 20, 2017 · A blank Mail account will appear and here you have to fill the entire details. 6 Dec 2019 This has been several months now if we send an email to any Optonline email account it gets rejected automatically as: 554 5. Webmail Sign in Because optonline is my internet service provider, I have an email account with them. Device protection automatically registers and covers your current and future equipment and devices against electrical and mechanical failure. Each email provider has different ways to provide support, but a good bet is to log into your email account on the web and then look for links like Help or Support. Everyone uses the internet, and odds are that you juggle multiple email accounts on your mobile devices — one for personal This troubleshooting article addresses an issue about a #GalaxyS7 being unable to send a text message or email with photo attachment. Ingrese con su ID de Optimum para administrar su cuenta, revisar su correo electrónico, configurar su DVR y pagar su factura de cable en línea. In order to avoid being unable to change internet provider for the next decade or more, it makes financial sense to opt for an email account that will last you for years – and won’t cost you a penny. The second option forwards the emails like the first one does, but it also marks the email as read in Yahoo Mail. In order to change these options, the account that The options available to manage your Optimum Online email are: --Add or delete additional accounts for other household members, also Optonline recommends accessing your email via web access on your phones browser: Go to optimum. Once all documents are received, you will receive a bill credit covering ETF amount up to max of $100 within 6-8 weeks provided account is maintained in good standing. 30-day money back Oct 14, 2012 · Send via Port 587: Many ISP’s (including the two biggest in Northern New Jersey and the New York City Metro area, Verizon and Optonline) allow you to send e-mail using your outgoing account through Port 587. When Outlook suggests possible email addresses, if the problem address isn't highlighted, arrow down to it and hit delete. net using your mobile phone's Web browser and you will automatically be redirected to the Optimum Mobile homepage. Just connect to the app through your Optimum home network to view live TV on your  Cablevision / Optimum does NOT allow customers to send emails using an email client program or SMTP mail server, unless the customer subscribed to "Optimum   Email or Phone, Password. net: Server Port: 465: Username: The part before the @ sign of your e-mail address: Authentication: Password: SSL/TLS: Yes How to Set Up Optonline. Jan 30, 2020 · A good first step is to check with your email provider (Google for Gmail, Yahoo for Yahoo Mail, etc. It’s as easy as… Dialing *86 from your home phone to set up voice mail Jul 30, 2015 · For mail, I tried using the "Outlook. With up to fifteen individual email accounts available, depending on your level of service, everyone in the house can send and receive email at home and on the go. my optonline email sign in,document about my optonline email sign in,download an entire my optonline email sign in document onto your computer. Just connect to the app through your Optimum home network to view live TV on your right on your phone. SMB Email 101: Create a business email plan Blog Configuring DNS for email: A quick beginner’s guide Blog 3 simple ways to create an email newsletter with personality Blog Should you create an email opt-in incentive? Blog How to create a killer autoresponder email campaign in 4 simple steps Blog Oct 02, 2013 · Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, Outlook. You can read and send mail from most email addresses using the Gmail app on iPhone or iPad, including Yahoo and Hotmail. Under the Email Addresses section, click the appropriate link of the E-mail account you wish to access and you will be automatically logged in to SiteMail. Follow the step-by-step iPhone guide or use the settings overview with the imap and pop3 server email settings for OptOnline. Give us your account number (you can find your account number on your Optimum bill in the upper right hand corner, at the top of the packing slip included with your modem or on your Optimum Store receipt). Bill may be submitted by email to [email protected] or by mail to Altice USA, Attn: Sales Support, 200 Jericho Quadrangle, 2nd Floor, Jericho, NY 11753. How to enable spell check function in webmail interface (OWA)? There is no spell check function in Exchange 2013 webmail interface (OWA). Jul 12, 2017 · Windows 10 Mail only allows you to set up vacation responses for Microsoft email accounts, including outlook. 137 has been blocked for unusual usage patterns Now you can use select Android smartphones as an extra TV for your home. Su navegador no soporta JavaScript! How to set up OptOnline email account easily? Mailing service is the most attractive things in terms of sharing information to the clients on  Email lastingsv@optonline. net's webmail interface! You can check your email and send messages using other email programs (like Mailspring, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird). Usually the provider will send a bounce message to the sender, saying the mail could not be delivered. New security measures protect your data from cybercrime with state-of-the-art encryption and firewalls. Your description of your email setup is a little unclear, but that’s OK!Verizon’s email service has been a little confusing, too, ever since the company opted to leave the email business optonline email access,document about optonline email access,download an entire optonline email access document onto your computer. OPTONLINE is an American multinational telecommunications and mass media company, incorporated on October 5, 19883 having its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and the United States. IMPORTANT: Frequently Asked Questions about Open-Xchange OX App Suite is an easy-to-use email and collaboration suite with a ton of benefits over the SiteMail platform you’re currently using. With the help of some easy  Further, the email domains for Cablevision's OptimumOnline service are optonline. I spoke with the troubled email service provider (Cox Communications), and they said that it is a Mac Mail issue and they are unable to help. TV Channel Guide DVR Remote Set up TV Channel Optimum takes your phone into the 21 st century with a suite of products that keep you in touch. net user, it gets bounced as spam indicating that it is a At the top of the menu there is a search input and a button to create a New Email, Event, Task, Contact, depending on which section is chosen. net email address and no mail coming in So, my father and someone that I manage at work uses optonline. Cablevision Corporate Office & Cablevision Headquarters reviews, corporate phone number and address. com (an overlap domain that  3 Jan 2000 Excessive e-mail volume and a resulting server upgrade left. need help logging in? forgot password? | need an account? To fix the problem, I set Entourage to use mail. TV Channel Guide DVR Remote Set up TV Channel How can I delete my optonline eMail on my iPhone and have it also delete on my laptop simultaneously? Already Tried: For eMail I have my iPhone incoming and outgoing server as mail. And while online chat and email are critical tools, phone calls aren’t going away – which is why Optimum Business is dedicated to being the best small business phone service provider possible. Sometimes, it is an issue with the email server, sometimes it is a connectivity issue and sometimes you are just missing a key piece of information in the account setup Email Checker is a simple little tool for verifying an email address. one or two bars  6 Feb 2019 Read story How to set up optimum online email on windows 10? by Alexhales12 (Optimum Customer Support Number) with 53 reads. Some accounts, such as Google, might ask that you click Open Browser to complete authentication in your web browser. " Select "Sending I was told by the Verizon salesman that I would be able to continue to receive my email from my cox cable email account (via Outlook) after making the change to FIOS. 5GB of space, actually--to store thousands of e-mail messages, but that doesn't mean you should put all of your e-mail eggs in one basket. TV Channel Guide DVR Remote Set up TV Channel ¡Obtenga respuestas a todo lo relacionado con Optimum! Pague su factura, busque WiFi gratis, revise su correo electrónico, configure su correo de voz, programe su DVR y más. 88/acc/mo Nov 29, 2016 · Optonline Email Not Receiving | 1-855-531-3731 Published on Nov 29, 2016 If you use Optimum online email of simply Optonline email and you are having trouble receiving mail then you can follow the OPTONLINE Mail Support Phone Number 😡»1{8OO-316. Jul 30, 2010 · my optonline email account is not syncing with samsung, optimum email not syncing with my droid, optonline mail, optonline not syncing galaxy s3, samsung s3 email not syncing with optimum, sync galaxy 4 with optonline, sync optonline email ipad, synching optonline email, syncing optonline on ipad, why is my optimum email not syncing on my nexus 5 Jul 09, 2008 · E-Mails all have a custom made user name, (In your example Jdoe), an @ symbol, a server name (optonline), and an extention (. Messages are stored on the Optimum Online web server, indefinitely for Optimum Online standard users and indefinitely (within storage limits) for Optimum Online Ultra 50 and Optimum Online Ultra 101 users. Examples: mail folders, date-picker and calendars, task lists, address books, Briefcase/Online Storage folders or Jun 16, 2020 · On the Email tab, click New, select Email Account, and then click Next. Service Electric Cablevision is Birdsboro, Hazleton, and Sunbury Pennsylvania's premier provider of Internet, TV, and Home Phone services. Optimum Business offers high-speed, secure Internet and managed services that help your business grow. net POP3 acct on my desktop Thunderbird application okay, except it does not have a secure connection as my still-in-use Verizon. , Outlook) have the ability to "recall" an email, but that simply sends a message to the receiver indicating the recall, and they are still free to open it. In today's world, every Internet user needs an email account and for that,  22 Sep 2015 Log into your optonline account using a web browser. You do not receive notification of the d Jun 15, 2015 · Gmail is attempting to send your email, but optonline. The number can be found halfway down the The Optimum App gives you live TV in every room of the house on your laptop, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire tablets and many Android devices. To set up a vacation response in Windows 10 Mail , open the app and click the gear icon in the lower-left corner of the window. In addition Email, Outlook serves as a comprehensive personal information manager (PIM) that provides: Aug 24, 2020 · How much is the Optimum basic package? Basic packages with Core TV and Optimum internet start at $64. Log in now! Get answers to everything Optimum! Pay your bill, find free WiFi, check your email, set up your voicemail, program your DVR and more! Optonline. Jul 17, 2018 · Although you can add multiple accounts from various email providers in almost every email app, there are generally 2 ways that you can add your email account. With a POP3 email account, all of the email messages sent to your email address are stored on a POP3 mail server until you log on to the server and download the messages. You can use the spell Apr 23, 2018 · Quick steps to recover Optonline Email Password- Ysupportnumber. If you have a new password, if your email provider has asked you to change settings, or if you're having problems with sending and receiving email, you can change your email account settings through Mail in the Windows Control Panel, or from Outlook. Apr 03, 2020 · "Optonline webmail" or "Optimum Online Email" is a web-based email client providing email addresses to users. Here’s how to unblock an accidentally blocked sender in Windows Live Mail and Windows Mail: Get to Junk E-Mail Options. Mail Assure uses collective threat intelligence and machine learning to help protect email against spam, viruses, malware, ransomware, spear phishing, social engineering attacks, impersonation, spoofing, business email compromise, and other email-borne SiteMail 5. net Apr 20, 2020 · Email, calendar, and other items are kept in an Outlook data file on your computer so you can work offline. You can change preferences for the SMTP mail server you use to send messages, as directed by the provider of your email accounts. To change these preferences in the Mail app on your Mac, choose Mail > Preferences, click Accounts, then click Server Settings. The latest version of SiteMail fixes various issues including the address auto complete feature on the interface for Internet Explorer and various issues on the backend. Editors: Lex Luthor,dbmaven,drake, OPTONLINE MAIL tech support Phone number, email address and full contact us now details are contained in this post. We offer a revolutionary experience for television, high-speed Internet, Phone, and WiFi in the tri-state area. This article contains information about the email sending limits and restrictions of many major email service providers. I do not pair Google's inbox with T-bird as, when I did, it proceeded to download my If you never received an email from us, there’s a few places the email may have landed: Spam, junk, and bulk mail folders: Sometimes our emails are blocked or filtered as spam by certain email providers or internet service providers (ISPs), so take a look in your spam, junk or bulk folders. Enter a name to find & verify an email >>> Arnet · Telecom · Negocios · Telecom FiberCorp · Personal Empresas · Compañía · Logo Cablevision Fibertel Personal. net" Aug 28, 2012 · I can receive email just fine but cannot send via Mac Mail with only one of three email accounts (Apple/Gmail/Cox). Jan 05, 2017 · Email Address should be the full email address; Account Type will be POP3 or IMAP, depending on your preference. 48/acc/mo Enterprise Email Advanced Email for growing businesses & teams Includes Shared Contacts & Calendars 30 GB Storage | $1. Handset will connect to your email server and state "Success!" Contacte a la asistencia de Optimum para obtener ayuda con sus servicios de cable, teléfono e Internet por teléfono, Twitter, correo electrónico o visitando una de nuestras tiendas. Jan 14, 2011 · On the users pc, creat a new email message, start to type the recipient name in question. POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) is a protocol used for downloading E-mail messages from an E-mail server to your computer. Register Apr 25, 2020 · Below the email address, choose Store and forward or Store and forward and mark as read. net; Remove check from both Use Secure connection and Verify Certificate(you may need to adjust after set-up if not able to send an email) Port - 587; Verify username; Enter or just confirm your email account Password if already From today, you will be able to solve your Optonline email account issues by the expert hands of technical support & customer service. net using your mobile phone's Web  optonline email settings for your iPhone, Android and outlook, Here you will get optonline. Add or remove your account Enter the same server name in both the "Incoming mail server" and "Outgoing mail server" fields. NET for my primary e-mail account, and I cannot sync/delete so I have 18000+ emails unread--any suggestions--aside from a very long manual delete session? #1 gddelaney , Feb 29, 2012 Apr 27, 2020 · Follow these steps to print an email using the Outlook email client: Open the email you want to print, then go to File > Print . Automatically: This option basically means that all you have to do is provide your email and password and the rest will be done by the app. You just need  OnLine Public File | Digital Millenium Copyright Act | Digital Millenium Copyright Act Agent | Internet Service Agreement | Subscriber Privacy Notice | Terms Of  The U. Aug 04, 2015 · When trying to configure mail accounts Outlook can't find 'mail server' . It can take several hours for backed up emails to get thru as they work their way thru the mail queue. com address from an existing mail account, click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the Outlook. For its ability to keep email in sync across multiple devices (desktop, laptop, phones and tablets), IMAP generally is recommended. Connections from unsecured e-mail servers I checked the IP addresses of the computers that send the messages, the domain name, and several of the senders that Intermedia uses. How can I subscribe to the Cablevision services? You can apply online at Can I use any receiver to watch Cablevision channels? The answer is “no,” and  16 Jun 2012 iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Users: Upon your. net or call 202-628-3585 to RSVP @CathyRenna Continued - would love to use the article in our program please contact me at nsc5@optonline. These email addresses are not tied to your Internet Service Provider, and will not be affected by an ISP switch. If you ha Aug 14, 2017 · E-mail transactions from IP addresses that appear on any of the block lists Optimum Online uses. com/mail/u/0?ik=5ce340798a&view=pt&search=  15 Sep 2016 To get rid of this problem you can allow the Opt online or Optimum Online email directly to your Gmail account. How to email in offline mode on a Chromebook Chromebook lets you draft, save, and edit your emails without internet access, so that when you’re connected to Wi-Fi all you have to do is hit send. net: visit the most interesting Mail Optonline pages, well-liked by users from USA, or check the rest of mail. Jul 08, 2007 · I forgot that i have optimum boost and have port 25 open, so those that dont probably will have to use mail. net) security type=none server port=110 Outgoing server settings (You must finger the screen down to see at the top of the screen and check "Login Required") username= part before @optonline. -O19O \\_} In the present era, we are seeing the increasing demand of Apple products in the Jun 10, 2016 · FAQ: Optimum Online . We don’t think it’s a purely MMS issue since email is also Whenever I send an email via outlook over my Verizon FIOS internet connection to an optimum. Internet Speeds Secure Internet Optimum E-mail E-mail Management Router Management Network Configuration Optimum WiFi. Aug 15, 2019 · Based on the email service you used, you need to give the tool different permission to access your email. , is a family-owned, incumbent multiple system operator (MSO) that provides Email Us: customer_service@boycomonline. OPTONLINE customer service Phone number, email address and full contact us now details are contained in this post. Choose the second option if you forward the emails to yourself at a different email address and read the messages there. With a POP3 E-mail account, all of the messages sent to your E-mail address are stored on a POP3 mail server until you log on to the server and download the messages. And yes, I do know perfectly well how to do that and followed all the proper steps, so I don't need any advice there. TV Channel Guide DVR Remote Set up TV Channel I helped someone with optonline use their laptop outside the optonline network, and the same thing should work for you with an iphone. I encourage everyone with concerns regarding spam/uce/ube/phishing e-mails, or any abuse/security issues, please contact us at abuse@hostway. net To set up your email account on macOS or Windows, first download and install the Postbox desktop email app. I think I accidentally changed something in my security settings because they stopped Use Server Settings preferences in Mail to change options for an account’s incoming and outgoing (SMTP) mail servers. Jun 15, 2020 · Many email providers offer webmail, which is a way to use email with a web browser such as Safari, instead of with an email app such as Mail. Enter the email address or domain in the field labeled Blocked email address or domain: and click Add to list >>. Follow the onscreen instructions to enter account details, such as your name, email address, and password. optonline e-mail account HELPEverytime I read my e-mails, and go to a link from that e-mail, I lose my e-mail page and must log back on each timealso I cannot minimize a page and keep more than one thing on my task bar Please enter your Cablevision account number below. User name: your email address From the park to the living room to the store to the kitchen - Optimum has your TV, Phone & Internet needs covered no matter where you go. net; Remove check from both Use Secure connection and Verify Certificate (you may need to adjust after set-up if not receiving email) Port - 110; Verify username (may not set-up correctly if you username has the "@optonline" in Enter your name and e-mail address. It allows the user to get in touch with the world in minimal time frame along with brilliant attributes. OPTONLINE MAIL Tech support Number OPTONLINE MAIL is an American multinational telecommunications and mass media company, incorporated on October 5, 19883 having its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and the United States. Navigate to the Optimum Online ID creation page   6 Mar 2020 If IP addresses are on a blacklist, Mailprotector will typically remove the servers from production so they are sending the minimum traffic required  Citizens Telephone and Cablevision. What is the process to reset Optonline Email Password? Although this email service  Login to Access Your Account. This wikiHow article teaches you how to change or add an SMTP, the server responsible for sending emails, for an account created in the Mail app on your iPhone. com emails, but IMAP provides the flexibility to access your email from anywhere, and sync your email account across all your devices. If you have setup an email account in your email client (Microsoft Outlook or Mac mail for example) as a POP account, then you may not have the option enabled to leave a copy of the email on the server. net Optimum is an American internet, cable television, and telephone brand that primarily serves residents in the New York Tri-State area. Syncing e-mail accounts is an easy process, and the same process can be used for other social-networking accounts as well. firstly Many Users are looking to configure their Optimum Email account so that they will use their desired email application to use their preferred User Interface for the incoming emails, hence we have given Optimum webmail settings for iPhone, Android, Windows 10, Gmail, Thunderbird and other email programs. The Optimum brand is owned and operated by Altice USA Try using your provider’s suggested email app settings to send and receive emails on your smartphone or tablet. Optimum is a telecommunication company offering high-speed internet services, TV cable, voice calling and more. Sep 03, 2010 · Probably not Amazon fault but this app from optimum does not download to the newest fire tablet. net:587, and you have to use your username and password from your optonline account in the outgoing settings. then select: "internet e-mail" When that screen comes up: Account name: your optonline email address. Open Mail, and then do one of the following: If you've never used Mail to set up an email account, the Welcome to Mail page opens. optonline mail

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